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School groups and organziations

Whether it’s a sports booster club or the BETA Club, or the Band Boosters, our team has some great ideas to help get your next school club fundraising project started. There are many fantastic items and products you can use for your fundraising needs. The team at Money Tree knows that bringing attention to your group will help build the brand, and get more people in your community involved. This is a critical point for any school clubs fundraising effort, and we want you to have a wide selection of ideas to choose from.  Fun is essential, too!  We want you to know that we can help build the excitement needed to not only get “buy-in” from your group, but the people around them that support your efforts.

The Money Tree team is always on the lookout for great options for school groups that are fun, easy and successful. We keep track of the trends in the industry and what is helping school organizations reach their fundraising goals. Because Money Tree also holds records from previous fundraising events, we can assist you in your decision-making process. We can help you raise the money you need for something small or for large scale projects.  We also want you to see us as a one-stop shop for all of your fundraising projects, spirit wear and promotional items needs. We can help you make an informed decision.

What Money Tree is Known For

Our company is best known for facilitating profitable fundraisers that are also fun!  That combination helps schools, clubs, and organizations succeed in meeting their fundraising goals. We want you to know that there are options available when it comes to school clubs fundraising, and that Money Tree can be your one-stop shop for fundraising needs. Our core values at Money Tree are Integetry, Fun and Community. To find out more about our core values head over to the About Us page. Speaking of Integrity, we want to make sure that you know that when our team says we are going to do something, we do it. Integrity is so important to everything we do at Money Tree. If you do not see the perfect product here, please Contact Us as we have plenty of other options that can work for all of your fundraising needs.  


A Great Idea Can Get It Done!

Knowing the best school club fundraising ideas to use can sometimes be overwhelming. We know that you can get swamped with ideas for fundraising that just do not seem to fit your school club or organization. The team at Money Tree has lots of options for you to select from for your next fundraiser, or year-round fundraising project. Having someone to help you make the right decision for the right reasons is one of our favorite things to do. We will help you pick the best idea with real purpose behind it so that you can reach all of your fundraising goals.

Fundraising Ideas

We have lots of options for your fundraising needs. From traditional items to something very unique, the team at Money Tree will help guide you through all of your options.

Spirit wear

At your school or school group, one of the most exciting ways to bring awareness to your fundraising efforts is through branded school wear. We have tons of custom options available.

Coupon books

Need a fundraiser that is super easy to get started with and is very profitable? The Coupon Book is a great way to quickly get a fundraiser off the ground and an excellent way to reach your goals.

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If you are ready to kick off the best school clubs fundraising event that you have ever had, then get in Contact Us. Our team will start the search for the perfect solution to reach your fundraising goals.



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