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Church Fundraising solutions

Some of our favorite groups are churches and civic groups. Whether you are raising funds for a new project or a specific item, we can help! The team at Money Tree has a wealth of great church fundraising ideas and civic group fundraising ideas to help with your next fundraising event. We understand that you need real solutions to help you connect with your community and get them involved in your focus area.

We have a long history of helping church fundraising and community civic groups run successful campaigns. When you need a great solution, we can help you pick from the most successful fundraising efforts. Our depth of knowledge and unique ideas will keep your next project fresh and exciting. We never want you to feel like you’re stuck with the same fundraiser that everyone runs. Our team wants you to have the best options for your success. Our team can also help you build brand awareness around your effort with printed wearables and promotional products through our sister company, Promotional Marketing Services.

Church Fundraising Solutions

What Money Tree is Known For

From the beginning, the MoneyTree team wanted to be known for the integrity we have with our clients and vendors. We provide every customer with integrity by doing what we say we are going to do. The team at Money Tree wants to go beyond customer service and reach into a deep understanding of your fundraising needs. We want to understand why you are raising the money and what the funds will support. By fully understanding your needs we can help you make the best informed decision on your next fundraising project. We also want you to know that there are options available when it comes to fundraising, and that Money Tree can be your one-stop shop for fundraising needs. Our core values at Money Tree are Integetry,  Fun,  and Community. To find out more about our core values head over to the About Us page.


Community matters

We understand that your local or widely distributed community matters to you. Knowing what your community wants will help your fundraising effort grow to meet all of your goals. The community you have not only matters to us, but also plays a role in selecting what fundraising items or campaigns we think will fit perfectly with your efforts.  Our team sees our customers as our community and have a passion for serving them. Your cause is our cause and this motto has served us well as a core value that we will continue to use as a focus point.

Fun Fundraising Ideas

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If you are ready to kick off the best church fundraising or civic group fundraising you have ever had, then Contact Us. Our team will start the search for the perfect solution to reach your fundraising goals.



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Fundraising Ideas

We have lots of options for your fundraising needs. From traditional items to something very unique, the team at Money Tree will help guide you through all of your options.

Spirit wear

One of the most exciting ways to bring awareness to your fundraising efforts is through branded apparel. We have tons of custom options available.

Coupon books

Need a fundraiser that is super easy to get started with and is very profitable? The Coupon Book is a great way to quickly get a fundraiser off the ground and an excellent way to reach your goals.