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Money Tree Fundraising is committed to providing excellent fundraising opportunities for schools, school organizations, church groups, civic organizations, and even private businesses.

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Money Tree Fundraising Programs

When it comes to fundraising programs, you are looking for fun but straightforward solutions for your group so that you can quickly raise the money you need for your cause. We know that one of the hardest parts of raising funds for your school or organization is coming up with the best fundraising ideas. Money Tree provides ideas to help you reach your goals and dreams for your group. Cool fundraising ideas are hard to come by, but we have a wide range of options no matter how big or small your next project is. No matter what your fundraising needs, we can help.

Money Tree fundraising programs work very well for a broad group of organizations, but the fundraising groups we work with most often are schools, school clubs, churches, and civic organizations. We have many options and great tips on how to get the most out of your next fundraising effort, from coupon books and promotional products to more traditional items like popcorn and candy sales.

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POP - UP Spirit Stores

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Sometimes the best way to raise money for your organization or school is with conventional products like candy, popcorn, or seasonal items. If this is what you are looking for, we have the experience to help you navigate the many options available. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement that comes from your group when they have the right products at the right time to reach your fundraising goals.

Money Tree Fundraising Programs wants you to know that no matter what fundraising project you want or need for your group, we can help. Our team wants to build a relationship with your organization and be there year after year as the one company that enables you to navigate your fundraising needs.

Have fun while you reach fundraising goals!

When it comes to fundraising at your school, school clubchurch, or other organization, you need options – and lots of them. You also want fundraising options that are fun and that everyone wants to be a part of.  Our team is ready to help guide you through your choices and help you pick the right fundraising solution. We want to make sure that you understand how to get the most out of your efforts, so we keep data and information on past successes, and share that information with you. We want you to be able to make the best choice for you and your community, and have a fun doing it.